Friday, December 26, 2008

Champagnes Anyone?

Personal Wine

So, if you're going online to get your champagnes for the new year, you might as well get them at personalized wines. This place will customize your wine with labels that say anything you want them to. You can even customize your own personal label with graphics. They ship to most wine destinations, and their website is very comprehensive. The good life at a great price, what could be better?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Art Gallery Review

This is the kind of thing that is hard to take one photo of because this sculpture is a holographic 3D animated fractal fucking THING that is huge and ever changing. I find myself gazing at it for unknown minutes, and I've never seen it the same, so if it's looping, it's a REALLY BIG loop. So I shot five:sculpture02_001 sculpture03_001  

The artist is Gleman Jun and his Gallery in Second Life is in a place called Hazel. I've spoken with him, a very nice young Italian man. I'm hoping to ask him more questions about his art the next time I see him.

sculpture01_001 That's me posing in my new dress, the first one I've made. I bought a dress kit and apply my paintings to the fabric and I'm experimenting with scripted clothing. I know, I must have better things to do, right? This is MY spare time and believe me, inspiration in any form is welcome.


What are fractals? What is fractal art? (by Second Life artist: Spiral Silverstar)

Simply put, fractals are shapes which show similar features at different sizes. Much as a very close inspection of a rock can show similar features to an aerial view of a mountain, fractal shapes are characterized by this property of self-similarity.

Much of what goes into fractals is based on mathematics. Sometimes the math is complicated; sometimes it isn't. But you do not need to sculpture04_001know or understand the mathematics behind the art to appreciate it.  The basic images are created using fractal generating software.

There are some who will feel that if this is all just based on mathematics, that it cannot be art. Fractal art does not pop out of nowhere, mathematics notwithstanding. To produce an aesthetically pleasing fractal image requires enormous input on the part of the artist. It also requires patience, and an eye for form and color—skills that are required for virtually any artistic discipline. (Damien Jones)

Can't Anyone produce fractal art?  The simple answer is Yes.  However, Anyone can buy a camera and take snapshots, but very few can produce photographs that can be appreciated as art.

The images created in this gallery were made using the Ultra Fractal and Fractal Explorer software programs, with post-processing work done in Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy my work and realize that the finished products here are not simply the result of clicking a few random buttons.  Thanks for taking an interest in my art, my passion.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Artist's Statement

My art is an interpretation of something that flows through me, so the art neither begins nor does it end with me. The viewer might say something about it to someone else or use it to illustrate a love letter, etc. It is my belief that the art itself - has a life of its' own and just uses me like the epicurean whore that I am as it flows in from the top of my head, down through my arm, into my fingers and out through the brush.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Painting Art Outside in the Garden

I've painted a series of color images that stand outside the front of my house, I wanted to do something BIG ever since we did the 140X140 street painting at Copia in Napa so I started painting the big boards in my backyard.

This is the first one. I liked it, so I moved on:

This one is upside down, I'm not sure why I do that, but I do it all the time to look at them differently.

This one may not be finished yet. I think I'd like a circular light shape behind the plant, in front of the background, transparent. And then I painted this:

  I call it "Blue Turmoil" I have a fifth board to paint and will post it here. Thank you for looking!

Monday, August 25, 2008

On Blogging

Have you read a good blog post recently? Why not help another blogger out with traffic by giving a review and a link to their post? This will gain you good karma in the blogging world, and let readers know that you want to provide them with the best content, regardless of whether you were the one to produce it.

OK - This thought was courtesy of Thanks for sharing

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Just this morning I was wondering where to meet my girlfriends where we could get a minute of free wireless access. Where to go? First thing to do was to search current hot spots in downtown Napa: - plug in your zip code and viola! They give you maps with pins or lists with websites. In planning our trip across country on a train, we'll have this in our favorites and I think it will really come in handy.

Also, I could register my own hot spot. If I signed up to register my service (if I activated my account) as paid wi-fi access, people would have the option to pay ME to use the internet while they were in my space. Just trying to think of ways for little dollars to find me. Also, jiwire has a free download that works with Skype.

travelling.grannie (my skype name)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogging the Train

Amtrak01 Yes, we were thinking of taking a train across the USA and blogging it on the way, kinda like a Travel Channel for the Internet - YouTube style videos, GPS, etc. I'm on the test run, going from Napa Wine Train Station to the  Hanford/Lemoore Station on the San Joaquin Valley Train. It's nice! I have a great bus driver that doesn't mind talking to me all the way down to Martinez.  Amtrak03

Really helpful people and especially patient with old ladies like me. Now arriving in Antioch. Nice day, by the water. We have that bay breeze thing happening. I might have to move cars, there's an overwhelming smell of cheap men's cologne. Guys, when you ride public transportation with other people, PLEASE lighten up on the scents.

Amtrak02Orchards, grapevines, a lot of agriculture in this valley. This time of year, the corn is REALLY big, up past the windows in some places. Real estate by the tracks isn't always attractive. Only certain kinds of people can live by railroad tracks. That's why it makes sense to have agriculture by all that noise, but as you get closer to city centers, you look into where backyards go to die.

So I call this guy in Chicago, at the Amtrak media relations department and I asked permission to blog the train. He was so nice to me, even giving me his number and telling me to call if I need anything, sent me a letter of introduction in case anyone asked for it while I was underway and live blogging. Amtrak04Yep, we'll be blogging our way across the USA! I want to have maps, with pins online. What a way to go.

Fresno Station, WOW! I didn't realize how hot it was out here until I got off the train for a smoke. The train is cool, air conditioned, so menopausal old ladies can ride in comfort, gazing out on the hot fields. And before you know it, it's time to disembark. My trip just flew by. I have never encountered an unfriendly Amtrak employee, they're all just so nice that it must be a requirement. Even the passengers seem nicer than the general public, babies and children really love to ride the train.

And! For your viewing pleasure, we're going to have a train video on YouTube with footage from trip. Stay tuned, I'm also going to post more on the return trip. This is just a practice post for when we're REALLY bloggin the train.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The LOVE Basket

Champagne & Truffles

1 Sparkler, Truffles, Chocolate & More

Surprise your special someone a wonderful gift basket featuring champagne and chocolates!

Show your love or send your thanks with rich, dreamy truffles, dark chocolate squares, a mint chocolate bar, chocolate hearts and a bottle of bubbly. This Stone House champagne shows its class in lots of toasty notes, pear and lemon buoyed by smooth, soft bubbles worthy of someone special.  Perfect for Graduations, Weddings, Birthday's or just because!

Let the champagne flow!

Price: $79.95 - Shipping: $5.

My Wines Direct Sent with Love Basket

Stone House Brut

North Coast, California

Champagne keeps getting more and more popular - people are discovering that bubbles are for more than just celebrations. At the same time, vineyard land in Champagne is maxed out, limiting the supply of grapes, and other parts of the world are proving that they, too, can make top-flight bubbly. The North Coast of California, for example: the cooler valleys and fog-chilled coasts make for the perfect conditions for sparkling wine. The Stonehouse Brut 2001 shows what they can achieve: lots of toasty notes, pear and lemon aromas, and a smooth, soft feel to the bubbles all live up to the standard set in France.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Artichoke Flower & Antique Fire Truck


The trucks were outside the museum being washed when I caught engine number five in all it's glory. This truck is OLD, amazing that it still has the old black and yellow plates from back then, but I've never seen one with the official "E" on it! 

And then I have an artichoke flower, it's that season. I just liked the fuzzy purple hairs on it:


Friday, July 25, 2008



2005 Opus One Napa Valley ~ PRE-RELEASE, we expect shipments to begin September 1st 2008 - order 6 bottles or more for special price, $159.95/bottle or get one for $169.95 I know, it's expensive, but it's Opus. It's not just fabulous Napa Valley red wine, it's an investment, it's art, history in a bottle.



Friday, June 27, 2008

Simple Email Marketing

You know those pretty e-cards you admire that come to you in your email? A lot of them are coming from here, Vertical Response. You can go online and play around with their creation wizard and sent a test to yourself.

VerticalResponse, Inc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was walking down the street in Napa one day...

FH03 when I had to stop. Several seconds went by before I realized exactly what this was. Several more had to pass as I overcame spontaneous hysterical laughter. There is was, mounted atop a lofty post. One photo just won't do.


Fish head on a post. This is the detour route by the Oxbow school and the fairgrounds, Third Street, the OTHER side of the wine train tracks. Two photos just wouldn't do. Let's get a close up.


I do believe it's a Salmon head, let's see, what does THAT pair with? This one is going into the library of never will happen again photos. Perhaps a buttery bacon fat Chardonnay?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Wines ~ $25. and under ~

2002 Safari Cabernet Sauvignon $24.95
2003 Boodeaux Syrah $16.95
2004 Borra Fusion Red Wine Lodi $16.95
2004 Capolan Merlot Sonoma $13.95
2004 Claudia Springs Zinfandel Ricetti Vineyard $23.95
2004 Graff Family Chalone Consensus $24.95
2004 Latour Ardeche Chardonnay $19.95
2004 Point Concepcion Encantado Syrah $19.95
2004 Robert Foley Charbono Half Bottle $19.95
2004 Work Vineyards Reserve Syrah Sonoma Mountain $24.95
2005 Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley $14.95
2005 Balletto Estate Chardonnay $15.95
2005 BV Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley $14.95
2005 Byron Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley 93 pts (WS) $19.95
2005 Core Red Blend $19.95
2005 Dylan Sauvignon Blanc Oakville Napa Valley $13.95
2005 Ed's Red Wine Napa Valley $14.95
2005 Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley $23.95
2005 HMV Chardonnay Napa Valley Howell Mtn $17.95
2005 J Winery Russian River Pinot Noir $24.95
2005 Jelly Jar Zinfandel Nova Vyd Lake County $22.95
2005 Jorian Hill Viognier Santa Ynez $24.95
2005 Michael Austin High Flyer Viognier Borra Vineyard $16.95
2005 Morro Bay Cabernet Sauvignon Split Oak Vyd California Red Wine $14.95
2005 Parcel 41 Merlot Napa Valley $16.95
2005 Pellegrini Russian River Chardonnay $13.95
2005 Praxis Lagrein $15.95
2005 R Wines Boarding Pass Shiraz 92 pts (RP) $17.95
2005 Ramsay Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley $14.95
2005 Sierra Vista Fleur De Montagne Red Wine El Dorado $19.95
2005 Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast $21.95
2005 Tamas Estates Sangiovese $13.95
2005 Three Saints Syrah Santa Ynez Valley $16.95
2005 Trou de Bonde Pinot Blanc $16.95
2005 Twenty Bench Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $16.95
2006 Ancien Pinot Gris Carneros $21.95
2006 Balletto Gewurtztraminer $15.95
2006 Balletto Pinot Gris $10.95
2006 Balletto Pinot Noir $17.95
2006 Beringer Alluvium Blanc Knights Valley 92 pts (WS) $14.95
2006 Bridesmaid White Wine Napa Valley $18.95
2006 Broadside Cabernet Sauvignon Margarita Vyd $19.95
2006 Caymus Conundrum White Blend $21.95
2006 Cellars Can Blau Red Blend Montsant Spain 92 pts (WA) $14.95
2006 Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $21.95
2006 Cloudline Pinot Noir Oregon $18.95
2006 Diamond Oaks Pinot Noir Carneros $17.95
2006 Easton Zinfandel Amador County $14.95
2006 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc Dry Creek $14.95
2006 Flora Springs Chardonnay Napa Valley $23.95
2006 Graff Family Chalone Mourvedre $18.95
2006 Handley Gewurztraminer 93 pts (Wine Spirits) $16.95
2006 Hayman Hill Pinot Noir Reserve Selection $12.95
2006 Heitz Grignolino Rose Napa $17.95
2006 J Winery Pinot Gris Russian River $18.95
2006 Joseph Carr Chardonnay $15.95
2006 Justin The Orphan Red Wine Paso Robles $15.95
2006 Lazy Creek Anderson Valley Reisling $23.95
2006 Lazy Creek Estate Gewurztraminer $23.95
2006 Lee Family Farm Verdelho $14.95
2006 Mark West Pinot Noir $12.95
2006 Marquis Phillips Roogle Red 90 pts (RP) $8.95
2006 Marquis Phillips Sarah's Blend 91 pts (RP) $13.95
2006 Marquis Phillips Shiraz 92 pts (RP) $14.95
2006 Marshall Family Pinot Noir Barry's Blend $24.95
2006 Mauritson Sauvignon Blanc Dry Creek $19.95
2006 McPrice Myers White Wine $23.95
2006 Molly Dooker Two Left Feet Shiraz 93ptsRP 90ptsWS $19.95
2006 Morro Bay Chardonnay Sur Lie Split Oak Vyd Central Coast $11.95
2006 Patassy Pinot Noir Russian River $23.95
2006 Pavi Pinot Grigio Napa Valley $14.95
2006 Pink Girl Wines Rose $16.95
2006 R Wines Chris Ringland Ebenezer Shiraz 93 pts (WA) $19.95
2006 R Wines Luchador Shiraz El Jefe 92 pts (WA) $16.95
2006 Robert Keenan Chardonnay Summer Blend $21.95
2006 Robert Mondavi Moscato D'oro 375ml Half Btl $15.95
2006 Rosenblum Zinfandel Contra Costa $14.95
2006 Saintsbury Pinot Noir Garnet Carneros $18.95
2006 Santa Julia Tardio Late Harvest Torrantes 500 Ml $12.95
2006 Schild Estate Shiraz Barossa $24.95
2006 Schug Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County $19.95
2006 Seresin Pinot Noir Leah Marlborough 91 pts (RP) $24.95
2006 Sierra Vista Fume Blanc Sierra Foothills $11.95
2006 Six Sigma Sauvignon Blanc Rooster Lake County $18.95
2006 Solorosa Rose Napa Valley $13.95
2006 St Innocent Pinot Blanc Freedom Hill Vineyard $18.95
2006 Stony Hill Gewurztraminer $19.95
2006 Stony Hill White Riesling $19.95
2006 Taz Pinot Gris Santa Barbara $14.95
2006 Taz Pinot Noir Santa Barbara $19.95
2006 Tom Eddy Tenz Sauvignon Blanc $17.95
2006 Vinum Cellars Its Ok Rose $9.95
2006 Work Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Napa $23.95
2007 Balletto Rose $15.95
2007 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $23.95
2007 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand $24.95
2007 Etude Pinot Gris Carneros $23.95
2007 Etude Rose of Pinot Noir $18.95
2007 Frog's Leap Rose $11.95
2007 Frog's Leap Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $18.95
2007 John Anthony Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley Carneros $19.95
2007 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 91 pts (WS) $13.95
2007 Laird Family Estate Pinot Grigio Cold Creek $16.95
2007 Lazy Creek Rose of Pinot Noir Anderson Valley $23.95
2007 Londer Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley $24.95
2007 Luli Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands $19.95
2007 Man Chenin Blanc South Africa $9.95
2007 Molly Dooker Verdelho Violinist 90ptsRP $18.95
2007 Pey-Marin Reisling The Shell Mound $21.95
2007 Provenance Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc $16.95
2007 Quivera Sauvignon Blanc Fig Tree $14.95
2007 Robert Foley Pinot Blanc $24.95
2007 Robert Sinskey Carneros Pinot Blanc Half Btl 375ml $18.95
2007 Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pint Noir Carneros $21.95
2007 Two Wives Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley $16.95
2007 Walter Hansel Sauvignon Blanc Russian River $16.95
Blind Tasting Kit $14.99
Deluxe Bottle Stopper Set $17.95
Finding Wine on Highway 29 (CD) $14.95
Gift Box - Green $4.95
Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot 45 $14.95
Napa County Wine Country Map $6.95
Prager Winery Sweet Claire Reisling Blend 375ml Half Btl $19.95
Private Preserve $7.95
Roederer Estate Brut $19.95
Soiree Wine Aerator $24.95
The Duet $19.95
Trentadue Chocolate Amore 375ml Half Btl $24.95
Wine Duffel $8.95
Wooden Box 1 Bottle $9.95
Wooden Box 3 Bottle $19.95