Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pahrump in the Winter of 2009

Here we are in Pahrump, at the Seven Palms RV Park and Campground. Last night I came to realize the severity of the chemtrails that are being put into our skies. I watched an educational video on the subject after watching them criss cross the sky with their poisons. They explained the science of clouds and air, or what used to be our air. They also had analysis of the STUFF that was in those trails, ew, yukky, pew. Anyone with even the slightest curiosity, please watch this video:

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Camp Pussy

So, who was that, got up at 4:30am and started their car at the campground? Camp Pussy did, you d'camp pussy? When your bones are so cold that you can't even sit still and you can't build a fire in the dark, you go warm up the car... Start d'car! Warm that sucker up and you can finally thaw out and relax, dang, frozen fucking fog? I be d'camp pussy, in d'car. When the leaves crunch when you walk on them and your tears of laughter are making ice cubes on your eyelashes, you'd be d'camp pussy too. Burn some petrol and warm up or else you be d'ignorant camp pussy and I'd much rather be a warm pussy than clenched up frozen pussy. The sun is coming up and warming everything on this magnificent day, but not soon enough for my pussy dog and me. We're somewhere near the Merced River with all the ducks and geese. Not many campers out this weekend, pussies.

sumbeams mist

Camping photos.